Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The effects of broken rules in a political game

In this post I would like to point out how a bad rule development can let the game be a disaster.
I am just using a methafor in order to talk about political facts.
If you didn't know anything about the political crisis of Italian governement you can read this CNN article.

It's really a drama!
And this instability on the Italian governement is due to the election rules.
Rules, that we do not need to forgot, was acted by Berlusconi in the last weeks of his last governament. And we do not need to forget that Prodi's governament in 2 years was not able (or lack of will) to change these rules.

The final effect of this instability is that Italy governament is not working for people needs!
Because of we have not new rules, we are asked to go to the election day next 12 and 13 of April to play such a game with so broken rules! With a result that will be something unchanged, at least from the point of view of people needs.

I thanks Bruno Faidutti that invited me to his Ludophatic Gathering for the same weekend. At least I will the pleasure to play a lot of good games instead!

PS.: I suggest you to read about Italian disaster rules in the Beppe Grillo's english blog.

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